Exciting news!

I have some really exciting news to share!! For the past couple of years, Dave and I have been hard at work designing a line of outdoor furniture and accessories in collaboration with Better Homes & Gardens only at Walmart. And, today, (finally!!) we get to share the news that the products are now available in store and online

We wanted to create a collection of beautiful products that reflect the handcrafted look and feel we love. We are often asked for Dave’s hand-built items to be sold and we worked hard to create products inspired by the items we design and build together. Including, our very favorite: the porch swing! 

We have poured so much heart and hard work into this line. We have obsessed over every detail and modified and changed the products until they were perfect. We have both been extremely hands-on in creating the products and the overall brand aesthetic. We designed prototypes together that Dave goes on to build and submit for reproduction samples, we have sent wood samples from our own supply to manufacturers, we have sent paint samples and color preferences and spent countless hours designing, modifying and approving each and every product in the line. 

I have always loved to use handcrafted pieces that feel worn and well-loved because they tell a story. I love to thoughtfully mix old and new items in order to curate a layered and timeless look in a home. This new assortment has an unfussy, cozy feel that is family friendly, yet beautiful. 

My favorite pieces in the outdoor collection are the patio table and chairs because the table is modeled after our own dining table and the chairs have a texture that looks beautiful and elevated for outdoor dining. Dave loves the outdoor dining table, as well as the porch swing because these are both based on items he has personally built and our family uses every single day. 

We believe a home should be filled with the things and people you love. The things that surround you should be beautiful and we believe beautiful, well-made items should be available to everyone. We are humbled and grateful to have a chance to share these products with you all. Our hope for this collection is that you can bring these items into your home and create memories around the table or sit on the porch swing for a pause and exhale at the end of a long day. 

With love and gratitude, Jenny & Dave

You can start shopping right HERE on Walmart.com! 

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