Funky, Modern Home With a Pool | Season 3

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Paul Walker is a loving dad to his daughter Erin. He’s also a single guy and this is his first home that is completely his. He very much values his relationship with his ex-wife, his friends and the friends they share in common. Paul wants a place where he can host everyone together.  

Paul started renovations on his own by adding an awesome pool and patio. The backyard is the heart of his home. It’s where he hopes to entertain, grill, swim and spend time with his friends and family. Paul also tried to do some of his own renovations inside the home, and that didn’t go so well. He knocked down a couple of walls and then didn’t quite know what to do, so he left them in an unfinished demo state. We’re glad he stopped where he did. Something has to hold the ceiling up! 

Our plan was to take this boring, dated, choppy house and turn it into a fun, funky home that showcases the new pool and patio Paul loves. In Paul’s words, we wanted to create a cool “bachelor pad” that doesn’t look like a “college dorm room.” We were so excited to take this project on and create a unique home for Paul that he can be proud of.



Paul and Erin both agreed that the brick was dated, and it should be painted. Paul voted for a light color; Erin wanted dark. Erin won this one and we ended up painting the brick a dark color that blended with the new black window frames. The dark brick is a modern and masculine choice that contrasts nicely with the freshly painted white siding and makes the house stand out.

We got rid of the original front porch (black widow and all) and replaced it with a flat concrete patio. We also added new landscaping, a flag, outdoor lighting and a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind modern front door. Paul absolutely loved the massive white oak front door Dave and our friend, Derek, custom built together. It’s the focal point of the front of the house and is my favorite part of this exterior. 



Front Door | Dave Marrs &  KLH Construction

Front Porch Lights | Lowe’s 

Chairs | Anvil & Oak 

Landscaping | Ground Effects

Exterior Siding Color | BM Simply White

Exterior Brick Color | F+B Railings No.31



One of Paul’s main complaints about his house was that the layout was choppy. We were able to remedy that by shifting the front door over to the right in order to build out a laundry room in the new space captured from the door shift. Now, the front entrance is perfectly aligned and centered so that you see past the kitchen, through the living room and straight to the outdoor space. The result is a grander entrance that welcomes you into the house. 

Modern stained concrete replaced the traditional wood flooring throughout the house. If any of his guests spill it’s an easy cleanup!  

This room sets the tone for the rest of the house, so we made sure to make it bright and fun. We added built-in storage with a bench and cabinets, and then painted everything a cool green. Two modern prints finish off the look for this new mudroom entrance.



Art | Howse

Wall Color | BM Simply White

Built In Color | F+B Churlish Green No.251



Paul was happy with the layout of the kitchen, so no major structural changes were needed there. We did, however, decide to give him new cabinets and appliances once we saw the state they were in. The cabinet under the sink had no bottom, and he was having to plug in the microwave and garbage disposal every time he wanted to use them! Not functional at all. The whole kitchen got a modern facelift: new cabinets, countertops, lighting and appliances. Since Paul and Erin like color, we went with their suggestion to paint the cabinets slate blue. 

Dave made a special steel wine rack that stands floor to ceiling next to the kitchen and matches the fun surprise we have for Paul right off the kitchen. 



Appliances | Metro

Kitchen Sconce | Lucent Lightshop

Wine Rack | Dave Marrs

Kitchen Hardware | Amazon

Rug | Turkish Trunk

Art | Juniper

Cabinet Color | F+B Inchira Blue No.289

Speak Easy


The laundry room off the kitchen had really narrow cabinets that Paul didn’t use and found to be a waste of a great space. We relocated the washer and dryer to a smaller area we built on the other side of the house. Then, we took this nook and made it into a hidden bar. I think this might be one of Dave’s favorite projects. Since Paul loves bourbon, Dave built him a steel shelving unit with several cubbies to display his bourbon collection. We added a little bar top table inside with two chairs tucked into a quiet corner. Since Erin is a talented artist, I commissioned her to paint a door that would look like a large art piece. We hung it in the door frame to hide the entrance to the secret bar. This was extra special coming from Erin since Paul is such a fan of her art. 



Door Mural | Erin Brelsford

Lighting | Lucent Lightshop

Cabinet Hardware Pulls | CB2

Cabinet Hardware Knobs | CB2

Table & Chairs | Howse

Rug | Turkish Trunk

Wall & Cabinet Color | F+B Downpipe No.26

Living Room


With the living room, we were going for a mid-century modern meets contemporary feel. It has the concrete floors you see throughout the house, cool white walls and new lighting. But the best part about this room, and I know Paul would agree, are the two large walls of glass doors that lead to the backyard pool oasis.  It makes the room look larger and invites guests to flow in and out from the pool area.  The glass doors open accordion style to create the ultimate indoor/outdoor space. 

In the corner nearest the kitchen, Dave added a rounded built-in bench and a funky, custom-built table. We know Paul is not the kind of guy who wants a traditional straight-leg wooden table, so Dave got pretty creative. He and his brother made a concrete geometric base using a series of bowls for molds. Then, he added a wooden top to compliment the front door. 



Furniture | Howse

Dining Table | Dave Marrs

Light Fixture | Lulu and Georgia 

Windows & Doors | Teza Doors

Pool Bath and Outdoor Entertaining Space


Paul’s current guest bathroom was in a perfect spot to make it accessible to the pool area. We gutted the bathroom, which was completely dated, and opened up the exterior wall to add a door. Now the shower is an indoor/outdoor shower where people can rinse off before or after swimming. I found a beautiful, modern blue tile for the shower wall and modern pebble tile for the floor. It gave the bathroom a nice spa-like feel.  

Paul had already made a lot of progress with the backyard and was very happy with it. We only needed to add a few more features to make it even better for entertaining. A fun focal point for the outdoor seating area is the large outdoor fireplace where guests can gather and warm up on cooler nights. Now, he can enjoy being outside a little further into the colder months once summer has passed. We also added new lighting and a fresh coat of paint. This is definitely where everyone is going to want to hang out. 



Dining Furniture & Side Chairs | Howse

Landscaping | Ground Effects

We loved transforming Paul’s home from resembling a  “dorm room” into a modern and sophisticated bachelor’s pad more fitting of Paul’s lifestyle and personal aesthetic. This was such a fun and unique project and will always be one of our favorites!