House + Love = Home

When I was in fourth grade, I wrote a book for class titled “Run Away Horse.” It went on to be entered in the young author’s conference and I received a button that said “I’m An Author,” which I fastened to my backpack and proudly toted around school. After receiving the button, I declared: this is what I want to do with my life. I want to be an author.

Which leads me here: in absolute awe that God opened the doors and led me on a windy, often unexpected, path to this exact moment. A moment He planted in my heart of hearts all those years ago.

I’m humbled, overjoyed and nervous to share the big news that I’ve written a book! “House + Love = Home” has been an absolute labor of love and, if I’m honest, it’s still surreal that the labor portion is finally over and the book is being printed and will be on bookshelves November 14th!

 I didn’t want to write a standard how-to guide for decorating or renovating your home. There are enough beautiful and well-written books on the subject out there already. And, honestly, I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all guide that accounts for personal style and preference. Instead, I wanted to write a book to encourage you to be creative with your home. 

Throughout the book, I share personal essays and reflections on life and the concept of home. Dave also makes many special appearances, adding his own take on our life and work here in Bentonville.

I think it’s important to know that my goal for this book is not to help you turn your home into a place intended for a picture-perfect magazine or Instagram-worthy photos. Perfection is impossible when it comes to home. Because perfection is actually the antithesis of a real, well-lived-in home. But intention is very much possible. If you address each room in your home with thoughtful intentionality, you can transform any space from a place of chaos into a place of peace. Intentionally planning a space allows it to work better for you and your family. And, most important, you can bring more personality and joy and love into the four walls of your home.  

I always say that a home should be a reflection of the family that lives there, and my hope for this book is that it will inspire you to make a few simple changes that will allow your home to reflect your heart. 

House + Love = Home officially hits stores in November but you can pre-order at select retailers now! I’d be honored if you pre-ordered your copy today, you can order HERE.

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