CampoSasso | Cheese Cellar

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What a huge relief the milestone of completing the cheese cellar was for all of us. It felt like we were finally making a dent in the enormous mound of rubble … until we went back upstairs into the house. One of my favorite Italian sayings is, “piano, piano” which essentially means “slowly, slowly” or “one step at a time.” So, we will celebrate the victory of the cellar and then keep pushing forward upstairs. One step at a time. Piano, piano. 🤍


The cheese cellar at Campo Sasso began as a simple underground cellar where two barrels of vintage Vin Santo wine had been left behind by the previous owners. Because Pierre comes from a long line of French blue cheese-aging specialists, he knew he wanted this to become a cheese cellar with state of the art equipment in order to age cheese in the same way as his family has done for generations in caves back in Roquefort, France. 

We worked with a local ironsmith to build out the iron and glass doors leading to the aging cellars and installed adjustable shelving, along with a highly technical humidity and temperature monitoring system. The front room will now serve as a tasting space, complete with a gorgeous marble sink and work station, a tasting table and a character-laden wooden table Dave hand-carved out of an old tree stump. 

This previously unused space now will serve guests who can taste the cheese aged here and the olive oil produced here on the land. 



Shelving | Silvio at Wood Arredamenti

Glass Doors | Gallori SRL

Art | Buddy Whitlock