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Alfresco dining is the epitome of Tuscan living. The outdoor spaces needed to be updated in order to focus on long meals under the Tuscan sun. In fact, may we all take a lesson away from our time in Italy: work hard, play hard and spend a whole lot of time around a table with the ones you love.  



The exterior of Camposasso was already gorgeous to begin with, we just needed to make a few changes to highlight the beauty and history of the home. First, we had the original plaque on the house restored, highlighting the name of the home and the original use of the building (very loosely translated as, “cow brothel” ha!), and the original name of the owners. Next, we finally received approval from the mayor of Greve-in-Chianti to restore the shutters and paint them a gorgeous olive-grove-inspired green. Lastly, we added a famous “wine window” inspired by the windows in Florence! The perfect, unexpected finishing touch for this wine-and-cheese-loving-family’s home! 



Shutters | Walter at Falegnameria Mugnai 

Shutter Paint Color | Farrow & Ball Green Smoke


I always use the word “magical” to describe Italy. The generosity and hospitality of the people, the lyrical beauty of the language and the abundant bounty of mouthwatering food all add to the glow of this place.

This past summer, we spent time in a vineyard with our kids and Rebecca and Pierre and their boys. Kids ran through the grapevines, Charlotte found donkeys to love on, we laughed and sang and swayed to the music and we ate and ate and ate. It was the epitome of a magical Tuscan evening. 

And, I wanted to bring that feeling of a magical vineyard dinner to this little courtyard at Camposasso. I imagine guests filling this table Dave built for the space for many, many years to come. May it be full of delicious food and abundant laughter! 



Chairs | Ikea

Table | Dave Marrs

Cutting Boards | Ikea

Pergola Area

We saved the wisteria! And, we added a new pergola, new shuttered doors and a little seating area just outside the entrance to the new cheese cellar. 



Table & Chairs | Ikea

Chess Set | Marrs Mercantile

An Italian friend of mine causally shared the most profound wisdom one day, “Solo una vita” which means, “Only one life.” In other words, we only get one ride and we better make the most of our time here. I’m thankful for each and every one of the memories from our time in Tuscany stored in my “Solo Una Vita” Memory Bank. What a ride!