Dave’s Christmas Gift Guide!

Happy Holidays! As the season begins, we take time to celebrate and be thankful for the past year. This year has been quite a journey and we are beyond blessed to have the opportunity to work with remarkable people each and every day. 

Over this past year, Jenny and I have had the pleasure of working with many incredible companies that have helped us immensely with our remodel projects as well as support our community. We are so lucky to have met these fantastic folks! Being the holiday season, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite companies and items in no particular order in this gift guide. I’m sure you’ll find something you or someone you love will enjoy!

For the One Who Loves a Project: Atlas 46

Believe it or not, I have used numerous tools, including screwdrivers, and these have got to be the best. The quality and durability is absolutely incredible. The interchangeable pieces are just what I need to be able to complete a project well. Plus, the kit is the perfect size for any handyman.

My favorite gift item: Hybrid Chapman Screwdriver Roll

  • This gift is just what that handyman/builder needs and wants. 

Shop Atlas 46 HERE


For the One Who Loves America: Allegiance Flag Supply 

For years, we have added the American flag to many homes in honor of those who have and are serving for our country. We thank you and continue to be grateful for all you have done. Allegiance Flag Supply understands the symbol of the flag and has worked hard to create a high-quality product made in America. Plus, they employ veterans too!

My favorite gift item: 3 x 5 American Flag

  • The size works well for the outdoor setting and we have used them in Fixer to Fabulous, including in season 4!

Shop Allegiance Flag Supply HERE


For the One Who Loves Blueberries: The Berry Farm

Not to toot my own horn, but the Berry Farm products are definitely a favorite of mine. In almost every episode of Fixer to Fabulous, you’ll find me in one of the hats and sometimes in the classic t-shirt. Definitely a must-have gift! The farm is our family’s passion and provides support to our nonprofit work in Zimbabwe. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds go towards supporting Help One Now. A great way to support!

My favorite gift item: Berry Farm Hats

  • Coming in six different colors, this gift can work for anyone. Plus, they come in different styles as well!

Shop The Berry Farm HERE 


For the One Who Loves Honey: Guenther Apiary Farm

Oh the sweet taste of honey! With any product, I try to shop locally. The Guenther Apiary Farm supplies 100% local honey, beeswax candles and bees right here in Arkansas. Jenny and I absolutely love their honey as it is great for sharing at the table.

My favorite gift item: Guenther Apiary Farm Gift Box

  • You get a little bit of everything to enjoy. How sweet! (get it lol)

Shop Guenther Apiary Farm HERE 

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For the One Who Loves to Look His Best: The Gents Place

I met the Saffrans, who run the Gents Place, this year and have since got to know their welcoming spirit and see the incredible impact they have had on the community. This is one of the coolest spots in Northwest Arkansas. I took my sons and father to get a haircut and it truly is more than just a cut. The experience is unlike any other.

My favorite gift item: The 5-Course Hair Service

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Gents Place and highly recommend their services.

Shop The Gents Place HERE 

Use code DaveandJenny22 for a discount


For the One Who Loves Chocolate: Markham & Fitz

Don’t tell Jenny, but I am definitely getting her these for Christmas. She loves chocolate! They make the perfect treat (and gift), especially during the holiday season. Plus, there are so many kinds of chocolates to try!

My favorite gift item: Holiday Chocolate Bundle

  • These festive flavors are one of our go-tos for gift giving. Super tasty!

Shop Markham & Fitz HERE


For the One Who Loves Warmth: Hart Tools

Staying cozy for the holiday is easy with Hart Tools. Besides their incredible tool selection, the brand has fantastic apparel to keep you warm this winter. From jackets to gloves to heated blankets, the people at Hart Tools have got you covered. 

My favorite gift item: 20V Heated Black Jacket Kit

  • With up to 8 hours of runtime, the heated jacket is great for those who love the outdoors or need that extra warmth this season.

Shop Hart Tools HERE


For the One Who Loves Plants: Varden Vertical Garden

Add a bit of life into your yard with his garden. The vertical garden goes on any wall or fence and is designed with irrigation to keep your plants hydrated. We have used this with a few projects (one coming soon!) and it always adds so much to a space. Plus, it’s made in the USA.

My favorite gift item: Varden Vertical Garden

  • This gift is perfect for both the new and experienced gardener or plant lover in your life.

Shop Varden HERE 


For the One Who Loves Wine: Passalacqua Winery

I promise you, there is nothing like Passalacqua Winery’s delicious wine. It does not disappoint. This is a gift for the person (over 21 of course :)) in your life who truly appreciates quality wine. Jenny shared in her gift guide our favorite Italian wine and this has to be our favorite U.S. wine. Open a bottle and enjoy!

My favorite gift item: 2020 J Rickards Zinfandel

  • Can’t go wrong with this favorite. Trust me, it speaks for itself.

Shop Passalacqua Winery HERE  

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Have a happy holiday!