Dave’s Gift Guide!

2023 Gift Guides are here! 

Happy Holidays! Tis the season to celebrate and be thankful. Over this past year, Jenny and I have been incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work with remarkable people each and every day. Fortunately for us, these individuals and companies have amazing items that have helped us with our remodel projects, daily life and so much more. 

Since it is the holiday season, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite items I have loved this past year. In no particular order, here is my gift guide.


Allegiance Flag Supply

We hang an Allegiance Flag Supply flag on every house we renovate. These flags are American-made, American-sourced, and incredibly high in quality. We have one on our home, as well. A perfect gift for everyone on your list.

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Airship Mercantile Blend Coffee

Our dear family friends founded Airship Coffee, where they roast sustainably-sourced coffee here in Bentonville. We worked with the team at Airship to create our own blend for the Mercantile. Jenny and I drink this coffee every single morning! 

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The Berry Farm Hats

What can I say? These hats are my staple. They’re high quality and produced by a family-run business who we have loved working with. Perfect for everyone!

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Whisky Chillers

These ice cubes are the perfect stocking stuffer for any home bar. I love that they don’t melt and ruin the taste of your drink.

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The Llama Mug

Pair a bag of the Mercantile Blend coffee with our llama mug and you’ve got the perfect gift. Jenny designed this mug in honor of our beloved, Larry the Llama and I drink out of it pretty much every day.

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Cutting Boards

My boys have been busy in the shop making handmade one-of-a-kind cutting boards for the season. These boards are incredibly special and would make a great gift for anyone on your list.

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Passalacqua 2021 PQZ Zinfandel

For the wine lover: this Zinfandel is hearty and a perfect pairing with a warm meal on a cold night or for sipping in front of a roaring fire.

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Leather Toiletry Bag

Over this past year, our family has traveled all over the place. From across the country and Europe, we are often on the road or in the air heading to our next project. That being said, this bag stood the test of time and lasted all year long. It’s durable, handmade and roomy for all your toiletry needs.

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Atlas 46 Tool Aprons

I often get asked about my tool belt and apron and this is it. Jenny gifted me an Atlas 46 tool belt for Christmas years ago and I’ve used it ever since.This is a must for working in the shop.

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Man Glitter Shirt

I designed this shirt and love it. Who wouldn’t laugh while wearing this?

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Head to Jenny’s guide here to see her recommendations. 

Have a happy holiday and a great Thanksgiving week! We wish you a blessed season!
– Dave