Jenny’s Christmas Gift Guide!

As always, the holiday season is a time to pause and reflect on all of the good things and people in our lives. This year is no exception. Dave and I are immensely grateful for the opportunity to do what we love every day and come home each evening to our favorite people in the world. We are immensely and overwhelmingly blessed. 

And, we have had the good fortune of getting to work with amazing people over the past decade who are consistently our go-to folks when we work on any remodel project. This year, I thought it’d be fun to include all of my favorites in one collective gift guide. In no particular order, here are some of my very favorite things and very favorite companies … happy shopping, friends! 

For the One Who Loves Vintage: Zuma Imports

I first met Elyse and Zu last year when we were in Charleston for Rock the Block. These two ladies became instant friends and I couldn’t have pulled off the styling of our Rock the Block house without them! When I stopped in their warehouse, I was in overwhelmed in the best possible way. The Turkish rugs! The Turkish pillows! The Olive Jars! The Handmade Bags! I think you all know of my affinity for vintage rugs and furniture and Zuma Imports has the most incredible, authentic selection I’ve seen. Zu is originally from Turkey and their annual trips to purchase products from their Turkish artisans keep their selections fresh and always changing. Each and every piece is truly unique and authentic. 

My favorite gift item: Vintage Olive Jars

  • I have gifted several of these as wedding gifts and plan to send as Christmas gifts, also. They are each unique and work beautifully in any space.  

Shop Zuma Imports HERE

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For the One Who Loves Natural Brass: Atmosphyre 

I’ve worked with James at Atmosphyre on several projects and have never been disappointed. He is a true artisan and his handcrafted sinks, faucets, and hardware make such an impactful statement in any home. This is a gift for the person in your life who truly appreciates quality craftsmanship and unique pieces. Husbands, I promise you, your wife wants a handcrafted brass kitchen faucet more than a gold bracelet (or is that just me?!:)). 

My favorite gift item: Sink bundles

  • You’ll find these bundles at The Welcome Inn and in another special project we will tell y’all about soon! 

Shop Atmosphyre HERE

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For the One Who Loves Cold-Press Olive Oil: Tuscany in a Bottle

Sixteen years ago, Dave and I went on a wine tour in Tuscany and Rebecca was our guide. Rebecca had recently founded Grape Tours and we had the best day exploring the Tuscan countryside and tasting wine at small, boutique wineries. Over the years, we’ve kept in touch and become great friends. Our kids and husbands competed in their own version of the World Cup last summer (spoiler: Italy beat the USA). We love Rebecca, Pierre and her boys like family and have cheered them on from across the sea for well over a decade as they’ve built and grown their wine tour, wine club and boutique olive oil business. They make their own Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I promise you, it tastes like nothing you’ve ever tried from the grocery store. It’s absolutely divine and makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves Italy or delicious food (me!). 

My favorite gift item: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Rebecca and Pierre sent us a couple of bottles from their latest harvest and it tastes like manna from Heaven. It’s truly delicious! 

Shop Tuscany in a Bottle HERE 

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For the One Who Loves Cozy: The Loomia

Again, my time in Charleston introduced me to another small business whom I absolutely adore: The Loomia. If you look closely, you can find Loomia blankets, throws, towels, and pillows in almost every single episode of Fixer to Fabulous. If you stay at the Welcome Inn, you’ll find their waffle weave robes in the bathrooms. Their items are handwoven in Turkey and Nilay and Fahri’s story of moving to the US to fulfill a dream of starting their own business is truly inspiring. 

My favorite gift item: Stacey Round Throw Pillow

  • I use this pillow in almost every home! It is so well made and is flexible and beautiful.

Shop The Loomia HERE 

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For the One Who Loves Handcrafted: Lucent Lightshop

Once again, Lucent Lightshop has been one of my go-to companies for years. They are a small craft lighting company that makes incredibly well made and unique lights. I have their sconces in my kitchen, throughout the Welcome Inn and in so many projects over the years. They are wonderful to work with and produce the most beautiful, handcrafted lights. I cannot recommend them enough. It’s always a joy to work directly with talented artisans and, once again, I promise all of you husbands that your wife would love a new set of sconces for Christmas. Don’t get the vacuum, always get the sconces. 🙂 

My favorite gift item: Adeline Sconce

  • This sweet sconce is one of my all-time favorites. It has an authentic vintage feel that is reminiscent of the days when folks used candesticks around a fire. 

Shop Lucent Lightshop HERE 


For the One Who Loves A Good Night’s Sleep: Authenticity 50

When we decided to open the Welcome Inn to guests, I knew we needed the most comfortable beds possible. I tried plenty of pillows and finally landed on Authenticity 50’s Custom Comfort pillows. I use these at home and they have changed the way I sleep forever! I also adore their heritage blankets and have these on the beds in our kiddo’s rooms. 

My favorite gift item: Heritage Blankets

  • This classic blanket is made in the USA and comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect addition to any bed or used as a throw on the sofa. 

Shop Authenticity 50 HERE

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For the One Who Loves Art: West Oak Watercolor

I have worked with Bethany at West Oak Watercolor on several projects over the years, including a gorgeous watercolor image of the Welcome Inn. Her work can be seen on Season Four of Fixer to Fabulous, as well. 🙂 I love her Christmas prints and think they’ll make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone in your life! 

My favorite gift item: Nativity Print

  • Bethany’s watercolor of the Nativity is the perfect gift for anyone. It’s so beautifully done and reflects the true meaning of the Christmas season. 

Shop West Oak Watercolor HERE

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For the One Who Loves Rugs: Turkish Trunk

I’ve worked with Mere from Turkish Trunk for several years after I first bought a gorgeous vintage runners at one of her pop-up shops. Since then, her rugs can be seen in all of our homes. I believe every home should have a vintage rug in the kitchen and bathroom. Am I the only one? Surely not. 🙂 

My favorite gift item: Ruggies

  • Mere’s “ruggies” are the perfect rug for anyone who is wanting to include a Turkish rug in their home. These are small rugs that are perfect for a bathroom in front of a tub or a vanity. 

Shop Turkish Trunk HERE 

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For the One Who Loves Italian Wine: Perbacco Wine Club

Dave and I met Francesco’s father over a decade ago when we visited his family’s restaurant, Osteria del Borgo, on an incredible trip to Italy with both sets of our parents. Since then, Francesco has become a family friend and has taken over his father’s Osteria. He has also taken his passion for wine and began Perbacco Wine Club. His wine club is curated so well and his passion for the small vineyards and wineries in his hometown is contagious. I can’t think of a better gift for someone who loves wine and/or Italy than a wine club membership.

My favorite gift item: Wine Club Membership

  • This is a free membership and you’ll receive two shipments a year, direct from small Italian wineries. 

Shop Perbacco Wine Club HERE  

Use code fixertofabulous for lifetime free shipping when you join the wine club


For the One Who Loves Flowers: Samantha’s Garden 

We’ve worked with the floral artists at Samantha’s Garden on several projects, including the weekly floral updates at the Welcome Inn for our guests. Their arrangements are always stunning and are the perfect gift for anyone in your life. I love sending an arrangement to a hostess before a Christmas dinner or gifting the kid’s teachers with a beautiful plant in a handmade planter. I also love that they are offering a Holiday Gift box because it makes the perfect gift for someone who isn’t local to Northwest Arkansas. 

My favorite gift item: Seasonal Floral Arrangement or a Holiday Gift Box for non-local recipients

Shop Samantha’s Garden HERE 

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May you all have a blessed holiday season! 

With love, Jenny