Rock the Block Season 3 | The Entry & Living Room

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“Your home feels like a warm hug.”  Jasmine Roth gave us the absolute best compliment imaginable. For any home we work on, we want it to be welcoming and warm first and foremost. We want everyone who enters to feel the heart and hard work and love that has been poured into every nook and cranny. And for Jasmine to feel that and identify it with such gracious words was humbling. Yes, we care about winning but we care much more deeply about creating a beautiful home where a family can love and live well. Where they can feel the embrace of a warm hug each time they step in the door.

Our living room is the perfect complement to our coastal and family-friendly kitchen. Because the two spaces flow seamlessly from one room to the next, we wanted to be sure they had a similar look and feel. Once again, we incorporated coastal elements, gorgeous white oak and plenty of natural light. 

The living room focal wall is the new fireplace surround Dave built, along with the floating white oak bench and hearth. Families can easily add adjustable storage underneath this modern open shelving bench with seagrass baskets. The light wood flooring and new french doors all add to the warm, natural aesthetic of the space.

I went all over town shopping for the perfect furniture pieces for our living room, as I believe the final touches of furniture and decor and art are vital and set the tone for a room.  Thankfully, I found an AMAZING vintage Turkish rug store (where I literally spent hours drooling over every single thing while digging through piles of rugs) and the living room rug set the important first layer for this room. It’s vintage, soft and muted and absolutely gorgeous.

Next, I found a furniture store with an entire warehouse of coastal and vintage pieces. Dave and I loaded up his truck and my rental car and loaded in the sofa, sofa bench and natural fiber chairs. I also tried to figure out how to take all of this furniture home with me, but, unfortunately,  I couldn’t squeeze it all into Dave’s tool trailer. I love how the sofa is slipcovered for ease of use…making it family friendly (yes, a white sofa CAN be family friendly) and the wooden chairs and sofa table add texture and warmth. I couldn’t find a set of round nesting tables but thankfully, I have Dave Marrs and he can build anything! 🙂 

Lastly, the art piece above the fireplace was painted for me by a local artist and I absolutely love how it ties the colors and the feel of the entire space together. 

The Entry

I knew I wanted to keep this entry space timeless and classic. I had Dave build a set of storage cabinets and a bench with an offset look to modernize it a bit. I also had him install wood paneling along the wall to create a cozy, coastal-cottage vibe for the space. Thankfully, I found a local store with in-stock lighting and was able to pick up the perfect light to compliment the space.

The Powder Bath

After we removed the powder bath last week off of the kitchen, we knew we needed to find a new space for it to be relocated. We were able to add square footage by bumping out the home and stealing a small amount of space from the outdoor patio to create a new powder bath. I had a friend paint this watercolor wallpaper and then added a gorgeous pedestal sink to create a dramatic and sophisticated powder bath. Dave added gorgeous picture frame trim throughout to complete the space. I love how this room feels like a complement to the living room yet it’s still unique and a bit unexpected. 


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Art | Chelsea Goer via Charleston Artist Collective

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Photographer: Margaret Wright