The Families of Fixer to Fabulous: Jae and Jasmine

Jae and Jasmine with Dave and Jenny standing in front of renovated home

Do you remember the episode where we renovated one of our rental houses? When our friends, Jae and Jasmine, told us they were moving from New Jersey back to Arkansas and needed to rent a home, we thought it was a good time to invest in one of our own properties. We knew that remodeling this house would be a win-win both for us and for them and we wanted to get their thoughts on how to make a transformation that fit with their personal style.

Jae and Jasmine are good friends of ours and it was important to us to find out what they wanted and needed, especially since they were coming from a cramped apartment. We knew these two would love and take care of this house like their own. Putting my creativity to work for them was such fun!

This behind-the-scenes look with Jae and Jasmine is particularly unique since our walk-through occurred entirely on a video chat. With their help, we turned this boring house into a boho-chic rental on a super-tight timeline. 

What do you want people to know about this experience of renovating your home while filming for television?

Jae: We had fun knowing you were incorporating our personality in the home. It meant a lot that you were willing to hear our views and ideas for the atmosphere and boho-chic decor we like, as well as what kinds of spaces we needed in the house.

Jasmine: It was a little challenging to just see the layout on a small screen—we did everything on film virtually from New Jersey—but you and Dave were very accommodating. We appreciate how easy and smooth you made the project, and we love that you infused the house with our colors and ideas.

As far as the filming process, we both wish people could have seen the film crew. They really made us laugh; we were cracking up so much! That crew really worked great with us and that helped make it a good experience. How you saw us on the show is actually how we are: our true personalities came through.

I had the most fun with this episode because of Jae and Jasmine’s mutual love for Caribbean-inspired, boho-chic design and I knew we could make this home a reflection of their personalities. When I started working with various shades of pink, Dave was harder to convince. Jae, Jasmine, and I all had to get him on board with the vision for the décor.

What fears or concerns did you have going into this renovation project?

Jae: I was always nervous and wondered whether you would be able to capture my vision for the space we needed and the kind of look we liked. I would say it was important for me to be open-minded on a remodel.

Jasmine: The timeline made me nervous. We had only one month to move back here to Bentonville, and I wasn’t sure that would be enough time for the house to be ready.

When they told us they were coming back, we rushed to get this home ready for them. No way would we have wanted to make changes without their input! 

Are there any amusing memories from your experience with Fixer to Fabulous?

Jae:  When I saw my new yard during the reveal…with trees and everything, I literally frolicked across the grass! I was so happy. 

Jasmine:  And I was so glad to be free of the concrete jungle we left behind, that I did a barrel roll across the yard. Also, getting to see Dave dance during one of our dance breaks was pretty fun.

We want people to know the film crew is amazing. There are a lot of funny outtakes and they were patient with us, especially with our tendency to talk in unison. We often speak in full sentences at the same time, saying the same thing. That was difficult for the sound operator on the crew, but they worked through it so well.

Jae and Jasmine were so excited during the reveal that they often broke out into dance. It was the most lively reveal we’ve probably ever had! And, of course, they encouraged Dave to get in on the dancing. We were all cracking up and had so much fun that day.

What problems were you hoping this remodel would solve, and what has made your daily life easier? 

Jae: Definitely the kitchen. I hoped for a kitchen with enough room to cook and use for storage, something our New Jersey apartment lacked. I love all the added shelving and room to move around. There’s just so much space. And that stove! I love having a real stove. 

Jasmine: I also like the space in the kitchen and how it opens into the living area. The problem the remodel really solved for me, though was a place to work. The home office made my life easier. That is where I work from most of the day, and I love how Dave and Chase customized the river desk.

This renovation also helped our friendship. We were working and living on top of each other in our cramped New Jersey apartment and we did not have the room to cook or work well from there.

Giving Jae a real kitchen to work in was a big deal with this remodel. She couldn’t wait to get in! And we wanted the home office for Jasmine to be the special, dedicated room she needed to work. That desk for Jasmine, created by Dave and Chase, is one of a kind and blends right in with the colors and style throughout the house. 

The “before” version of this house was definitely boring, but nothing about Jae and Jasmine is. They came back to a house that suits their personalities, their preferences, and their livelihoods. We look forward to having them here for many years!