The Welcome Inn | Downstairs Bedroom and Bathroom

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This downstairs bedroom and its adjoining bathroom turned out just perfect. Everything in here was carefully thought out, and the number of custom-made items in here make this bedroom feel special. One of my favorite pieces of furniture Dave has ever made is in this room. The woven detail he added to the bed is amazing. Since this room is in one of the corners of the house, it has windows on two separate walls letting in natural light from different angles. The soft sunlight that washes into this room illuminates the paint color and the exposed brick beautifully. The room is right off the front entrance of the house, so we chose to make it an ADA accessible room. Everything is spaced out enough to accommodate a wheelchair, including the bathroom with a walk-in shower. I think we were able to create those accommodations in a way that looks natural to the room.

Downstairs Bedroom


Like the rest of the house, Dave made a lot of the furniture in here. He built the small nightstands and this one-of-a-kind bed with a wicker headboard. He steamed the strips of wood in his shop to make them pliable enough to weave without breaking. It ties in perfectly with the wicker ceiling lamp. The dresser and the antique chair are both antique finds. I like to layer in the vintage, mixing old with new, so that it looks like it’s been collected over time. I also love how the dark furniture balances out the light colors of the bedding and the blush walls. The brick in the corner adds character and depth to the room. We got so lucky with that old chimney!



Flushmount | CB2

Sconce | Kichler

Woven Wood Shades | Alta Window Fashions

Accent Blinds & Ultrasonic Cleaning | Accent Blinds and Shutters

King Woven Bed | Dave Marrs

Sheets | Authenticity 50

Pillows | Authenticity 50

Duvet Cover | Target

Rug | Turkish Trunk

Artwork | Juniper Print Shop

Wick | Graypants

Wall Paint Color | Farrow and Ball Jitney#239

Nightstands | Dave Marrs

Door Hardware | Emtek

Downstairs Bathroom


This bathroom didn’t exist in the original house. We added the space by cutting out part of the old dining room that was on the other side of the bedroom. Our friend, Kelly, who has created wallpaper for us in the past, designed this gorgeous blue gingko leaf pattern. The pewter color we pulled from the wallpaper was used for paint below the wainscoting line and ties nicely with the brick color. I wanted everything in here to be made by hand. The sinks in this bathroom and the powder room (off the bourbon room), are handmade from stone. The faucets and handles from both bathrooms and the shower heads from the bedroom’s bathroom were all made by hand as well by a small company. The handmade tile in the bathroom is a subtle blush color. It lays unevenly on the shower wall, adding to the imperfect charm of the house. Thank you to Dave for also making the standing metal towel holder that adds an interesting modern detail!



Bathroom Sconce | Kichler

Bathroom Mirror | Amazon

Bathroom Faucet | Atmosphyre

Bathroom Sink | Atmosphyre

Shower Plumbing | Atmosphyre

Shower Wall Tile | Be Spoke Studio

Shower Floor Tile | Be Spoke Studio

Towel Rack | Dave Marrs

Rug | Turkish Trunk

Door Hardware | Emtek

Custom Wallpaper | Kelly Ventura

Wall Paint Color | Farrow and Ball Jitney #239