Victorian Turned Storybook Cottage | Season 3

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Bud and Ashley Boman are a sweet and joyful couple, and we wanted to give them a home that is as joyful as they are. They bought the house in 2005 and it was originally built in 1905. So, it was really important to them (and us) to keep the historic integrity of this home while updating it and making it more functional.

One of the biggest challenges to this house – which is often the case with old homes – was the layout. The house was choppy and didn’t maximize the space available . It was also lacking an area large enough for their children and grandchildren to gather when they visit. We wanted to give Bud and Ashley a more cohesive and open layout that would make it more welcoming and easier to entertain family and friends. We thoroughly enjoyed creating this home for them that we hope they will enjoy with their children and grandchildren for years to come.



The budget was tight on this one and we needed the three most expensive things on a house – a new roof, new windows and new siding. The windows were original to the house and didn’t provide the look, but most importantly, the efficiency of updated windows. The roof, as well, needed to be updated for aesthetic reasons, but more importantly, for the house to be safe and secure. The same was true for the siding. 

After replacing the”big three”, I chose to paint the new siding a pale yellow as an historic nod to a warm and charming cottage.  Bud and Ashley were open to color on the exterior, and they were so happy with the yellow (and so am I…it adds so much character). We also made a huge adjustment by moving the front door to make it the center of the front porch. I love the way this simple change made a big impact in creating a welcoming look for the home.  Dave built new shutters and window boxes to enhance the charm and the narrow cement steps in front of the porch were replaced with wider brick steps – goodbye yellow caution strips! New landscaping added to the curb appeal and, of course, we added an American flag to the front of the house. 



Exterior Carriage Lights | Kichler

Landscaping | Ground Effects

Porch Rockers | Lowe’s

Flag | Allegiance Flag Supply 

Exterior Siding Paint Color | Benjamin Moore Hay Stack

Exterior Trim Color | Benjamin Moore White Dove

Living Room

BEFORE: An unused spare bedroom.

The original house entered into a large living room with a smaller bedroom to the right. We drastically changed the layout and the first change that needed to happen was the front door needed to move from the side of the porch to the center of the porch. After that shift, we moved the living room into where the smaller spare bedroom had been. (Still following? It’s a little confusing!) We knew the largest room in the house – the existing living room – needed to be the new kitchen and the new living room would be a cozy, welcoming space for the Boman’s.

After all of the footprint changes, you now walk in the front door and enter the living room which flows seamlessly into the new kitchen. We also added a set of french doors opposite the front door so that traffic flows well from inside to outside.

One of our favorite projects in this house is in this room. Ashley has been a writer for years, and now that she has more time, she wants to devote herself more to writing. We took an area of the living room and created a cozy writer’s spot for her. Because this house is small, we wanted to maximize every single spot as best we could. So, Dave built floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, cabinets and a custom desk that can fold up and hide away when not in use. We enlisted the help of a calligraphy artist to inscribe a message on the corner of Ashley’s desk. It says “Word by Word” to remind her to keep going one word at time.

To keep with the traditional turn of the century style, we added vertical siding to the walls and reupholstered and refinished an antique settee that belonged to Ashley’s mom. It was the perfect finishing touch to this space.

AFTER: a cozy and serene living room.


Chandelier | Kichler

Furniture | Howse

Cabinet Hardware | Hestia Hardware

Art | Juniper Prints

Calligraphy | Emily Hesslan

Living Room Built Ins Paint Color | French Gray

Interior Wall Color | BM White Dove

Kitchen / Dining

BEFORE: An awkward living room.

The Boman’s kitchen was originally in the cramped back corner of the house, with a small breakfast nook stashed in the corner. The decision to move the kitchen from it’s current location to where the original living room was located made a dramatic change to both the kitchen layout, as well as the overall functionality and flow of the main dining and living spaces. 

The new kitchen is open and spacious, with plenty of room for a large island (Ashley’s dream!) and a dining table. The wall of floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets add plenty of storage (which is vital in a historic home) and look gorgeous, with an English-country charm.

Ashley loves antiques, and it was important to me that we incorporate vintage pieces into her home. I was so excited to find a pair of oversized vintage schoolhouse pendant lights, as well as two coordinating stain-glass windows at a local antique shop. I hung the stain-glass windows on either side of the range and the pendants over the island. (A little behind-the-scenes secret: I actually bought three pendant lights, but only needed two for this island. Stay tuned to see where I end up using the third!). I love how these antique pieces add warmth and character to the new kitchen, preserving the historic charm. 

The overall look and feel I wanted for this kitchen is a timeless, functional and beautiful space that could fit in the early 1900’s or in this century.  The shaker cabinets, wood paneling and a light overall color palette add to this kitchen’s charming aesthetic.

Last but not least, Dave built a long Windsor style bench to go with the long wooden table so that now they can seat all their family and friends. This bench is delicate and beautiful and is one of my favorite pieces Dave has ever built. I absolutely love how it turned out!

AFTER: A spacious and beautiful kitchen and dining room.


Appliances | Metro Appliances

Island Pendants & Stained Glass Windows | Rose Antiques

Kitchen Sink | Overstock

Kitchen Sink Faucet | Gerber

Kitchen Backsplash | Wood Shiplap

Kitchen Hardware Pulls | Amazon

Kitchen Hardware Knobs | Amazon

Cabinets | Premier Wood Concepts

Windsor Bench | Dave Marrs

Furniture | Howse

Kitchen Cabinets & Built Ins Paint Color | Revere Pewter

Wall & Ceiling Color | White Dove

Main Bathroom


This bathroom needed a refresh. Because the layout worked well for the Bomans, we kept the layout and updated the space to make it beautiful and consistent with the rest of the home. We added another special antique find by repurposing a beautiful vintage dresser and transforming it into a vanity. I included my friend, Kelly’s, gorgeous hand-painted wallpaper as a nod to the former bath’s floral wallpaper. This new wallpaper maintains the historic charm but is now a softer pattern and color. The bead-board and classic tiles add to the timeless look of this new bathroom. These small, but impactful details helped us stay true to the heritage of the home and give it that overall charming feel.



Shower Fixture | Pfister

Bathroom Vanity | Rose Antiques

Sink | Overstock

Sink Faucet | Gerber

Shower Walls | Lowes

Shower Floor | Lowes

Bathroom Floor | Lowes

Mirror | Amazon

Wallpaper | Kelly Ventura

Rug | Turkish Trunk

Bath Wainscoting | BM French Gray

Main Bedroom & Closet

BEFORE: a cramped kitchen.

After we moved the kitchen from the back corner of the house, we had a clear space for a new main bedroom and, most importantly, a walk-in closet!  This is PREMIUM in an old home, and Ashley and Bud were really excited about it. We installed more bead board here to tie this room to the rest of the house and removed the former exterior door from this room. Overall, the Bomans now have a serene, calming, spacious bedroom and closet. 

AFTER: a lovely main bedroom and walk-in closet.


Main Bedroom Fan | Kichler 

Furniture | Howse

Rug | Turkish Trunk

Artwork | Juniper Print Shop

Wall Color | BM White Dove

Trim Color | BM Revere Pewter

Guest Bedroom


We updated the guest bedroom in order to make it as serene and charming as the rest of the house. We refinished the floors, updated the paint to feel fresh and bright and replaced all of the doors. Now, Bud and Ashley have a beautiful space to welcome in guests. 



Guest Bedroom Fan | Kichler

Furniture | Howse

Artwork | Juniper Print Shop

Wall. & Trim Color | BM White Dove

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I hope you enjoyed this tour of Ashley and Bud’s historic cottage! Dave and I both love restoring historic homes and we absolutely loved this one. Thanks for coming along for a tour!  

Photo Credit: Mike Davello